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1737 Ford Escort & Orion Petrol 90-00 (H to X)

(Code: HAY-1737)
£ 16.99
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1737 Ford Escort & Orion Petrol 90-00 (H to X)
Suitable for the following vehicles:
Hatchback, Saloon, Estate, Van, Cabriolet and Orion saloon inc Special/Limited Editions. Does NOT cover RS2000 and Cosworth.
Petrol: 1297cc, 1392cc, 1596cc, 1597cc, 1796cc
CUT MOTORING COSTS when you service and repair your car with a genuine Haynes Car Manual.
Following the step-by-step information laid out in this guide makes the job a lot easier. Useful data includes:
Detailed service schedules
Fault-finding charts
Correct tools required
Simple tune-up information
Critical safety advice

Fantastic Value - This book can pay for itself within 30-minutes of a mechanic's time.