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Hobbyweld Acetylene Gas - COLLECTION ONLY

(Code: HOB-OACT)
£ 75.00
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Hobbyweld Acetylene Gas - COLLECTION ONLY
The number one choice for general welding, cutting and repair applications.
Acetylene is the hottest and most efficient fuel gas on the market, making it the preferred product for many applications. It is also the only fuel gas hot enough to weld steel, when using our oxygen and acetylene together, flame temperatures can reach an amazing 35008C (63308F). You will typically use between 2 to 3 times the amount of oxygen as you would acetylene so don't let the smaller size of our cylinder put you off. Using a number 5 welding nozzle with this gas canister will typically provide over 5 O hours of welding time. Acetylene is becoming increasingly difficult to source for the small user. We now have the rent free answer!
Price quoted is for a REFILL only - Initial purchase is subject to a refundable deposit - COLLECTION ONLY